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Introduction of air purification equipment for Aotu remote spray dust reduction

2021-12-13 16:12:57


Relying on its core technology "AOB air purification technology", the company is fully committed to the R & D, production and sales of five series of products such as air purification equipment, air purifier, air purifier, dust control and dust reduction king and urban air purification system.

1、 Air purification equipment for remote fog spraying and dust reduction (fog ejector) - dust reduction principle:

The dust suppression system of the spray atomizer is one of the city air purification systems. The new technology (Brown motion Brownian Diffusion) AOBR technology is used to control air pollution. It is a new technology industry which is more advanced, more scientific, less energy consumption and more effective purification effect after TVOC air purification technology and HEPA filtration technology. Its principle is that the particles generated by spraying are used to suppress the dust in the air. So as to produce dust fixation effect. Because the particles are small and the surface tension is basically zero, when sprayed into the air, they can quickly absorb the large and small particles in the air, effectively control the amount of dust, have remarkable dust fixation effect, obvious atomization effect, do not produce water droplets and moisture, will not have corrosion effect on metal equipment, protect the safety of production equipment, have low cost, environmental protection, energy conservation, fast installation and reasonable design, High cost performance.

The working principle of the mist ejector for dust reduction is to pressurize the water to 50-70kg by using the high air pressure and input it to the high-pressure nozzle atomization device equipment through the pipeline. The water in the path forms a water mist floating in the air through the atomization device equipment. The water mist can absorb fine dust and suspended particles in the air and humidify the atmosphere.

2、 Remote spray dust reduction air purification equipment (mist ejector) - product features:

It has a wide range of applications, high efficiency, vehicle mounted side spray (according to model selection), fast spray speed, strong penetration to dust and adhesion of fog beads, can effectively save water and reduce environmental pollution.

It has long range, large coverage area, small spray particles, rapid contact with dust in the air, and forms a wet fog, which increases the self weight of dust, accelerates dust precipitation and inhibits dust diffusion;

Remote control / manual control compatible, quick start, safe use, flexible and convenient;

The microcomputer controlled purifier can realize automatic horizontal rotation of 0 to 320o (which can be adjusted according to the requirements of users). The spray is convenient and the coverage area is large. The hydraulic system controls the pitch angle (-10 to 55 degrees), and the spray height can be adjusted conveniently.

It can be equipped with the vehicle, flexible, compact structure, reasonable layout, fine component workmanship, perfect product configuration and reliable operation performance.

3、 Remote spray dust reduction air purification equipment (sprayer) - scope of application:

Urban demolition sites, metallurgical iron and steel enterprises, mining areas, coal chemical enterprises, cement plants, thermal power plants, construction sites, open-air stacking plants of materials and mineral products, concrete treatment plants, waste stacking yards, waste incineration plants, sand plants, dry material warehouses, open-air blasting, heavy dust areas, large dump truck unloading areas, ports, wharfs, storage and transportation areas Water mist dust removal, dust suppression and cooling in areas with excessive urban air pollution dust.

作者: Kunming Aotu environmental protection equipment Co
Introduction of air purification equipment for Aotu remote spray dust reduction


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